What Are The Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks?

Roof leaks are a nuisance to homeowners who always dread of a rainy day or snowfall. The leaks can sometimes be difficult to identify since the leaking water might drip from a different location that is away from the leaking gap. For those who seek information on why their roof is leaking, here are the main causes of roof leaks.

Damage by Humans.

Going to get that Frisbee or shuttlecock that always gets stuck on the roof can lead to roof leaks. Stepping on the roof tiles can cause them to slip and expose gaps where water can seep through. Stepping on the roof can also cause the sealant to crack.

Damaged Underlay.

While roof tiles are designed to let water flow down to the gutters, sometimes strong winds can cause some of the rainwater to force its way through any openings that might be between the tiles.

The underlay is designed to trap this water and drain it to the gutters. However, this underlay may rot or become brittle and crack due to continued exposure to weather elements.

Lean-to Extensions.

If your roof has a lean-to extension, then it is most likely that any leak will come from this area. The extensions are forced to bear heavy pressure from the falling rainwater that collects from the main roof. Thus, it is likely that the immense pressure might erode the tiles and damage the underlay causing the roof to leak.

Ice Dam Buildup.

An ice dam on the roof occurs when the snowfall from the upper roof section melts and runs down the roof, but condenses at the edge of the roof. This mainly occurs due to the warmer temperature from the attic that melts the snow directly above it.

The ice dam can cause water to build up on the roof causing heavy pressure on the roof tiles. The pressure may eventually cause the roof to crack leading to roof leaks.

If you have roof storm damage and need a roof replacement, contact the team at Gene's Construction today!

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